Organic Apple Crisps – The delicious nibbling fun by biosanica!

Bio-Apple-Crisps – the delicious nibbling either straight or waved

Whether at sports, in school, at work or at leisure time, our organic Apple Crisps are the perfect crisps-alternative with the unmistakable and natural flavor of an apple. By the gentle drying method in the manufacturing at biosanica, the organic Apple Crisps not only preserve vitamins and minerals, also they get the crusty and crunchy consistency, that makes them a nibbling fun for the whole family.

To support quality and sustainability we avoid long ways around the globe for our fruits. Instead we rely on the work of the farmers on-site. Apples, that grow here in Europe, are convincing by biodiversity and flavor. Allow yourself to be convinced by the delicious taste of well-ripened and carefully processed apples!

You get the Organic Apple Crisps plain or wavy packed air tight in different bagsizes.

Our team will gladly give advice and help you with any question characteristics, concerning production and shipment.


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