Our dried organic apples

Who wants to buy dried apples, will find a wide choice of different products right here. With our portfolio we are covering various interests of our customers. Who, for instance, is looking mainly for a new nibble, might buy preferably dried apple as crisps or chips. For usage as fruity addition to cereals, apple-cubes are recommendable.

Our organic apple-flour is a binding agent for cakes or fancier kinds of bread and ensure a natural sweetness. Such variations are gaining popularity in the international cuisine, where healthy and sustainable ways of preparation become more and more popular.

For our organic apple products we process exclusively apples from controlled organic farming. During gentle processing of the organic apples vitamins and minerals are preserved. The result: crispy snacks and ingredients with the best of an organic apple.

The assortment:


Organic Apple Crisps
the healthy delicious snack!


Organic Apple Rings
the wholesome enjoyment!


Organic Apple Cubes
the allround talent!


Organic Apple Chips
Chips of a different kind!


Organic Apple Edges
the edgy variation!


Organic Apple Flour
for baking and more!

Organic Apple Fines
an ingredient with many talents!

The advantages:

  • free of any additives, especially non-sulphurized
  • without added sugar and citric acid
  • contains no allergens
  • contains the best of an apple (natural vitamin C, fibres, fructose)
  • 100 % organic quality

The nutritional values:

Average nutritional values per 100 g*
(apply to all organic apple products)

Calorific value/energy:
- incl. sugar:
- incl. saturated fat:

1516 kJ/358 kcal
80,2 g
69,6 g
< 0,8 g
0,3 g
2,2 g
< 0,025 g


* the stated values underlie for natural products natural fluctuations

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