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Manufacturing of our organic dried apples

Our organic apples come mainly from the  tradition-steeped apple-growing areas. Our fruits are first class organic raw material. Normally our organic apples are not according the sales categories, because they are either too big or small, too heavy or light or unshapely. By a broad diversity of standards we are promoted as a fair and important partner for the organic apple-farmers. They are able to bring their complete harvest to marked.

The manufacturing of the organic dried fruits including storage and logistics takes place in our own factory in the business park Pommerndreieck at the motorway A 20 in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

The manufacturing of our organic apple products is simple and natural:

  1. After the input inspection the apple is washed thoroughly.
  2. In the next step the apple is cored and cut into pieces according the final product (crisps, cubes, sticks).
  3. Then the apple comes into the drying oven, where it becomes gently air-dried at a temperature of 60 bis 70 °C. Thus important minerals and vitamins are preserved.
  4. Finally the manufactured organic dried apples are loosely packed and labeled in bulk packs or air tight foil bags of different units.

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