Organic apples at it's best

Our organic dried fruits are completely produced in the biosanica-production plant in the business park at the motorway A20. The current assortment of gently processed organic apples comprises to Organic Apple Crisps, Organic Apple Rings, Organic Apple Cubes and Organic Apple Chips. The dried fruits are eminently suitable as a natural nibbling fun at leisure time and sports. They are manufactured without artificial sweeteners, additive flavoring or preservatives. Organic dried apples by biosanica are pure nature.

The small-part Organic Apple Cubes are a popular addition to cereals. We supply a numerous cereal producers at home and abroad. Our Organic Apple Flour is appreciated by health-conscious amateur chefs and organic bakeries. In pastries they serve as a natural flavoring, binding agent and sweetener.

The versatile product assortment of biosanica offers various possibilities of use. Accordingly customized and in preferred variation our customers and consumers are able to be convinced by the high quality of our organic-dried fruits.


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